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Welcome to the Essence of Healing Counseling Services located in Ft. Lauderdale. I am Roberta Alves, the founder, and I provide individual therapy for adults, preteens, teens, and family therapy. If you have a strong interest in feeling better and enriching your life, I encourage you to begin a growth promoting journey through therapy. You will be provided with the tools, guidance, and support to face life’s challenges and difficulties. You will learn to empower yourself and enhance your inner strength and resilience to overcome obstacles you are currently facing. You will gain the support you need to become liberated from past and present emotional pain so that you can move forward towards a balanced and fulfilling life. Together we will work efficiently to discover solutions in order to attain your goals in the shortest time possible.

I believe the quality of the relationship between a client and their therapist is extremely important, and research has shown it is truly essential in order to achieve success in therapy. To fully reap the benefits of therapy, you must choose the right therapist for you. I am completely dedicated and passionate about providing my clients with the support that they need, consistently going above and beyond. Embarking on the journey of therapy can feel intimidating, therefore I create a supportive and judgment free atmosphere of trust, comfort, and safety. Taking the first step can often be the most challenging, but the reward you will gain of achieving the life that you want is invaluable. 

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